Cooperation Prize

About us

Always keep on with one step at a time – this is the simple but well-known formula for success for many companies in Austria. Hubert Rapperstorfer has also carried on very successfully without stopping in these footsteps.

After many years in the precast concrete component sector, Hubert Rapperstorfer was able to fulfil his dream by founding his own company in 2014. Since this time, he and his team have been developing innovative and people-friendly machines for creating Korbwands.

The patented Korbwand® System is already successfully in operation. The company has its headquarters in Steinhaus near Wels, Austria.

Our Philosophy

Our Guiding Principle:

Rapperstorfer Automation has a

  • simpler
  • better
  • more efficient

way of meeting production objectives.

Our Vision:

Rapperstorfer Automation is a well-known specialist in innovative and people-friendly machine engineering.

Our Guiding Values:

Innovation – Enthusiasm – Trust

Our Credo:

Rapperstorfer Automation
Machine Engineering for the Korbwand

simpler - better - more efficient

Invention Award

Our Awards

  • Austrian Cooperative Research Cooperation Prize 2015
  • Innovation Prize of the Supplier Industry Structural Concrete Products 2016
  • Businessman of the Month February 2016, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Wels Region
  • Golden Pegasus 2016
  • Edison Invention Award 2016